Disrupting and decarbonizing
the 4 most impactful traditional verticals
Move to electrification, EV and Web 3.0 will cause massive use of electricity and drive demands on energy sources globally. At the same time, over $US 50Tr is needed in investments to reach low carbon levels across electrification, transportation, building, and industry (McKinsey report). The time is now to address the challenge and opportunity now to bring decarbonization and automation/efficiency with technology.
Who We Are

Chakra Growth Capital is a top global venture capital that focuses and invests in growth-stage technology enterprises to disrupt most impactful verticals globally (Clean energy, electrification, and mobility). We are a new age investor investing in technology growth enterprises from India to decarbonize traditional markets globally from day 1.

Our Portfolio
We will invest in technologies that bring marked decarbonization in traditional markets and allow us to reach net-zero via scaling existing clean technology, and adopting new technologies including methods to allow carbon offset.